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Welcome to the Scrapological About Page

I’m Kelly, the owner and one woman extraordinaire behind Scrapological, a small independent business based in Leicestershire. 

Through Scrapological, I offer customers the opportunity to have their special memories preserved using the art of scrapbooking. I take the treasured mementos you have collected from different times during your life, and use them to create handmade, bespoke layouts which form the individual pages of a scrapbook. These keepsakes may be from a wedding, birth of a child or even a memorable holiday...basically any occasion which is important to you.

The memories from these special occasions are so precious and often result from several months of planning, hard work and financial saving. Given the amount of effort and love you invested in creating them, no doubt you want to remember everything from the big moments to the small details. A scrapbook is the perfect way for you to achieve this and record your thoughts and feelings from that time. Through preserving your memories, it also gives you the chance to share your memories with others such as future generations of your family, and scrapbooks can act as great memory aids for those in old age, with memory impacting conditions, or experiencing a period of separation from loved ones.

Kelly the Owner and Founder of Scrapological

I have been a keen scrapbooker for many years, and have lost count of the number of scrapbooks I have completed for myself! I have them from holidays and milestone events I have celebrated, as well as my 20-year relationship with my now husband (there are a fair few volumes to that scrapbook series as you can probably imagine). I enjoy the process of design, creativity and organisation which comes from scrapbooking. I also value the importance of preserving memories, as I am a firm believer that life is about experiences and living whilst you have the chance. I therefore want to prolong these special memories for as long as possible, and I get such joy from taking the time to look back at my old scrapbook albums or sharing them with others. I would love for you to experience this too!

Scrapbook Memories from Scrapological

Crafting from an early age

Scrapbook Memories from Scrapological

Post engagement photoshoot

Scrapbook Memories from Scrapological

My most favourite scrapbook


The scrapbook service I offer allows for your beloved memories to get the treatment they deserve, and I treat your special memories as if they were my own. I am a sentimental soul, and the scrapbooks I create are personal and bespoke. They would make a truly thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one and would create that lovely warm and fuzzy feeling inside when reminiscing on those special occasions in years to come.


If you would like to know more about commissioning your very own scrapbook project, please contact me to arrange your initial complimentary consultation.


As well as the scrapbooking service, I also offer blank customisable scrapbook albums, embellishments and kits to assist you with your own scrapbooking projects. These items can all be found in the Scrapological shop and are ready to purchase now.

The Adventure Awaits Scrapbook Album from Scrapological

Kelly is so accommodating with any ideas you may have to make your item personal to you. She has a brilliant eye for detail and will consult with you every step of the way with the design process.


Best of all Kelly is really efficient and her items always arrive quickly and in impeccable condition. I know I'll be using her again and again for different crafty projects!

Ellen, December 2020.

Heart of Roses Scrapbook Album from Scrapological
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