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Scrapbook Service

The scrapbook service offered by Scrapological is where we help you to preserve your special memories through the art of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking involves the arranging and presenting of personal mementos (e.g. cards, ticket stubs, photos, invitations, children's drawings) which have been collected and kept from different occasions. This is done through creating handmade, bespoke layouts which include the special keepsakes. These layouts form the individual pages of the scrapbook, and are later all brought together in a scrapbook album.

Through you preserving your special memories, it helps them to last longer and prevents those little details associated with them from being forgotten. It allows for you to be able to share your memories with others in the future, and scrapbooks can make great family heirlooms. Scrapbooks can also act as memory aids for those in their older years, with memory impacting conditions, or experiencing a period of separation from their loved ones.

Ultimately, through capturing special memories like in a scrapbook, it prevents them from being taken for granted, as it is only when memories are lost, that their true value is appreciated.


What is involved?

Lots goes into creating a bespoke designed handcrafted scrapbook. Here is just a selection of the tasks which are completed:

  • Customer consultation

  • Sourcing the perfect materials for the project

  • Organising and cataloguing your keepsakes

  • Designing and creating the individual layouts


How long does it take?

As you can imagine this varies depending on the size and detail of the project. The initial consultation will help provide a more specific time frame. 

On average, it takes one hour to complete a single scrapbook page. A 20 page scrapbook album (our most typical project size) can take up to four weeks to be completed and ready for dispatch. 


How much does it cost?

Due to bespoke nature of each scrapbook project, it is difficult to provide a final price for our service until after the initial consultation.
As a guide a single scrapbook page starts from £15 a page.

Our 20 page scrapbook package starts from £295 and includes a scrapbook album.



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for a free no obligation consultation

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The Process

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Contact Scrapological for a free no obligation consultation. The consultation will help us understand more about the scrapbook project required, cost and time frame involved.

Pay your initial deposit. 

Send us your special mementos which are to go inside your scrapbook either via post or electronically (Scrapological will even reimburse you for costs involved!)

The Scrapological magic happens and your scrapbook is created! We will be in regular contact throughout this stage in order to make sure you are happy with the designs.

Pay the remainder of your balance. 

Your scrapbook will be packaged and dispatched for you to then enjoy for many years to come or gift to someone special. 

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